"What makes your working method distinctive?" is a question we get on a regular basis. In this article we take you through our working method and we consider all the ingredients that are needed to make a beautiful product.

Lisa Benthem

Lisa Benthem

31 mei 2023

At Teamplast, we develop and produce client-specific packaging, but going a step further than merely producing a cap or lid. We look at how we can improve the product and scrutinise every step in the packaging journey throughout the chain. Being innovative in the product development and incorporating sustainability from the first step of the total concept contributes to our distinctiveness. But where we really make the difference is being able to offer both product development and production. As a manufacturer, we are acutely aware of what is technically feasible, which makes us better able to translate a concept packaging into real production.

And Keune Haircosmetics is one of those clients who recognises our strength in this, and has done for quite some time. In their search for a new packaging for the So Pure product line, they approached us again. Keune is a leading company in luxury haircare products for whom sustainability has high priority. Here is a glimpse into the development process.

Product development

Reviewing the development of the packaging, this proved quite a challenge with various obstacles. According to our Product Development Engineer Lars, challenges are there to be tackled. Like the design and functionality of the dispenser, for example. In various sizes, the scale proportion of the product and the pump casing, including the interior, needed to be identical. A pump system which can dispense both shampoo and conditioner, a packaging which can be refilled, and which is intended for intensive use. With a lot of 'out-of-the-box thinking', our team finally managed to produce a gorgeous contemporary packaging without compromises.

And we are very proud of it!

Sustainable reuse

With respect to sustainability, Keune wants this packaging to really show that sustainability is its priority. We want to join this sustainable movement and minimise our impact on the environment. An obvious choice is to use reusable packaging made from recycled material on this product line.

By doing assembly work as well as production, we can also eliminate logistic movements. A nice addition to the content of the packaging in which Keune is also marketing an extra concentrated formula alongside the cruelty-free and vegan label.

Attention for people

Our Assembly department ensures that all the individual elements come together. When the various parts exit production, they go via our logistics department to our Assembly colleagues. Our top people there work hard on the 7-step assembly during which they assemble the dispenser and the pump. They then attach them to the bottle and package them for shipping. Keune now only needs to add the refillable pouch before it is dispatched to the customer.

Yearlong partnership

Ever since 1996, we have been developing and producing packaging for Keune. It is a great honour for us to be able to actively contribute to their high-quality products. And the fact that Keune is targeting the maximum feasible result for product, planet and people perfectly aligns with our vision.

"As a family business, it is our responsibility to look after the planet and the people who live on it."

And sharing this responsibility is perhaps also the basis for our good and sustainable partnership. Besides the shared status of 'Family business', we share many of the same norms and values in which connection is key. And luckily, we have never lost that connection in our partnership with Keune. Let's continue to strengthen each other in our partnership, because together we are better able to produce amazing results.

The new So Pure product line of Keune Haircosmetics is a great example of that!