We give confidence and show this top team of colleagues that they are valued.

Robin Koning

Robin Koning

24 februari 2022

Let’s make the world a little more beautiful together. Working without restrictions. That’s the way we see it. Here, everybody’s the same!

At Teamplast, we provide a place where everyone is welcome. Sixteen years ago we proudly opened the doors to our own manual assembly department. We have been operating on the basis of inclusive participation since 1995 and this plays an important role in our day-to-day management.

What started as a collaboration with Siza and a small team of ten people has since developed into a fully-fledged department. We offer a place of work to a top team of almost 50 colleagues who collaborate on assembling our packaging. Whether it is an inlay or assembling a nozzle cap, this top team of colleagues takes everything in their stride.


The team consists of employees from various employment participation organisations, such as Siza, Scalabor and Werkbedrijf Rijk van Nijmegen. We offer a safe and pleasant working environment in which we respect everyone’s qualities. These qualities are reflected in various supporting roles throughout the entire organisation. There are also top colleagues who help with packaging in production or help out unloading a truck. Our coordinators ensure a good division of work, which helps create a great sense of unity. 

We are really proud of how the Assembly department has developed in recent years and in this way adds a lot of value to our packaging.