Today, it's International Women's Day, as you will probably have noticed from social media posts. And we need it, because we aren't there yet.

Lisa Benthem

Lisa Benthem

08 maart 2023

As the Women Inc. statement says: Fix the system, not the women!

We are hugely proud of all our employees, but on this day particularly of all the women at Teamplast. As a member of the executive board, Priscilla works hard to create equality within Teamplast and outside.

Houweling works alongside numerous amazing and inspiring women. To mark International Women's Day, they talked to a group of women with whom she works directly every day. Priscilla was one of those women, and rightly so in our opinion! In her own words, she shares her story and drive.

My name is Priscilla Koning, and I'm 34 years old. You could say that I am strong willed and am willing to give my opinion. That's much easier when you grow up supported by parents who encouraged me to develop a strong and independent personality. Even as a young girl, I hated injustice and inequality. 

I have always found it hard to understand that not everyone grows up with the same privileges.

Personally, I was lucky to be able to start work in my father's business. Gerard and Gerhard gave me the opportunity to grow into an HR position in a workplace which is mainly occupied by men. Since early 2021, my brother and I were allowed to call ourselves co-owner, with me being the only woman on the board. By working in this position, I realise that I am not only able to advise, but also to influence the course and policy of our organisation. That means that I can really make a difference in being a better employer for our people. I can use my own position to set a good example to other employers.

In my opinion, there is too little diversity in management positions, and my mission is to show the world that women are more than capable of filling these positions. In recent years, I have been blessed with two daughters, who motivate me even more to actively contribute to this.

Let's create a safe workplace in which diversity is encouraged.