Together we ensure the best cooperation and we work for the best result

Lisa-Lotte Benthem

Lisa-Lotte Benthem

21 februari 2022

We started in 1995 with a clear vision that still stands to this day.

Good collaboration breeds confidence for the future. And that also goes for Gerard and Gerhard. They worked together for a number of years at an injection moulding company in the region. After the company was taken over by a multinational, the company structure changed and this gave them extra incentive to start their own business. At the beginning of 1995 the time had come and they decided to start for themselves. A company that specialises in customised packaging, and one that promotes excellent relationships and a high level of service. Partly due to this customer-specific character and the associated lead times, it took a while before the first products started rolling from the production line. Compared to 1995, when there was only one machine in an oversized production hall, today 70 machines are housed in an 8,000 m² building, producing almost 250 million units in 2021.

Through close collaboration and an eye for everyone’s qualities, Gerard and Gerhard have created an impressive and pioneering company. The have known each other for 35 years. And this has created a close bond and appreciation. With his technical knowledge in the areas of product development and engineering, Gerard has been responsible for business operations for some time now. He can still be found in the factory every day, supervising, tinkering with the machines and optimising the operation. Gerhard facilitates everything the operation needs and uses his analytical skills to map out more than just the figures. The well-matched duo knows exactly when to call on each other to ensure the best result is achieved.

When the men look back on the past years, they are happy that the vision they had in 1995 has come to fruition. Proud of the fact that they have achieved this together with the team. “It’s really amazing to see that there are so many production and assembly cells here that we’ve almost come to find it all quite normal.”

The future is full of possibilities and requires a more sustainable approach. The market is constantly in motion. Partly as a result of this, we expect that robotisation will increase even further. “Now that we’re getting on a bit, we are energised by the fact that a younger generation is coming to strengthen us and enthusiastically continuing our vision in an innovative way.”

Growing up with a big factory as a playground 

When they were young, Gerhard’s children, Priscilla and Robin, could often be found playing in the factory: rollerblading, playing hide-and-seek or tennis. During the start-up phase at Teamplast, all that was still possible and the huge space of the warehouse was like a real paradise for brother and sister. Their interest in the company was aroused at an early age by helping out on small assembly jobs. Robin was aware of what was produced at Teamplast early on, while Priscilla was always adamant she would never work with her father at the office. As it turned out, nothing could be further from the truth.
Initially, they both went their own way with their education and gaining work experience elsewhere. Priscilla grasped the opportunity in 2007 when Teamplast needed reinforcements in the commercial department. This came as a complete surprise, but she quickly made up her mind. Since then she has occupied a variety of positions. “My current position still challenges me every day. But, despite that, I’m very much looking forward to the next step in the organisation.” For Robin, this was slightly different. He already saw himself working at Teamplast after secondary school. After studying Business Management, he was certain that “Teamplast was the place I want to be”. Nevertheless, he consciously made the decision to gain experience at other companies first. Until 2017, when the opportunity also presented itself for him to start work at Teamplast as a Production Planner.

This ambitious duo share a wonderful vision for the future by combining innovation and sustainability. In this way, they will make Teamplast future-proof by uniting the best of two worlds. And the result can already be witnessed in a number of fine collaborations and developments. “We’re on a mission to show the world the true value-added properties of plastic and are keen to use them in a circular way.”

You can see that the siblings complement each other well with their different qualities and form a close-knit duo. “Robin dares to think big and makes tricky issues a lot lighter, thanks in part to his sense of humour,” explains Priscilla. Areas in which Priscilla, according to Robin, is very driven and helpful, and is able to bring things to light with her critical eye.
They admire how Teamplast has grown into a stable, professional company with a social character and close-knit team.

“We’re really proud to be able to contribute to what Gerard and Gerhard have built up. They have laid a really strong foundation, and to be given the opportunity to continue this work together is a great honour for us.”