Contents and volume

All products are dispensable

Teamplast develops solutions in proportional and variable dosing technologies for all types of products – whether these concern liquids, granules, tablets, powders or a combination of these.

Always precisely the right quantity

With packaging with a dispensing chamber or dispensing closure, you decide the amount of fluid, powder or granules that the chamber or closure releases at the time of use. This takes place by pressing, twisting or turning, or by turning the packaging upside down. You choose a single fixed amount or let the consumer dispense variable amounts, within the minimum and maximum quantities that you set.

Applicable in all markets

Our mixing technologies, dispensing and dosing systems for fluids and solid products are suitable for the markets for food, (fluid) washing detergents, cleaning products, garden products and cosmetics and personal care products. Our design team gives all packaging an entirely individual look and feel.