Brainstorming at a high technical level

The oriental products and seasonings of Inproba are on the shelves of large European supermarkets. Teamplast has designed and produced an eye-catching packaging for the new soy sauce of this family business, which stands out because of its easy-to-use design. Johan van Vulpen, packaging purchaser at Inproba, is positive about the high technical level of brainstorming of Teamplast and the no-nonsense approach that characterises our company.

Team of specialists

Johan van Vulpen: ‘It may sound logical, but it is certainly not customary for suppliers to operate as a chain. Teamplast has formed a team of specialists in design, production, glass and sleeving who, together with the machine manufacturer, demonstrate responsibility for the success at the end of the filling line.’

Inproba soy sauce: strong in functionality and design