Bark Innovations

Complementing each other

Bark Innovations and Teamplast have been close partners for quite some time. The companies complement each other's expertise perfectly. Bark provides the concept; Teamplast looks after the engineering and the production of the packaging. This approach has resulted in a number of attractive solutions, including the Bark Dosing System, a technological innovation that won the Starpack Award. The garden label ECOstyle also made use of this packaging, allowing the consumer to dose easily and proportionally.

Development power

Berny Plas, Managing Director, is very positive about the development power and the knowledge present at Teamplast: “To put it in football terms: Bark intends to play in the Champions League and Teamplast has similar ambitions. That is why this company is a perfect partner for us. Teamplast is the absolute top where engineering with respect to injection moulding is concerned.”