Atlantic Grupa

A new area of usage

“The realisation of the special closure for our Cedevita GO vitamin drink has opened up a new area of usage and a whole new market segment.” Danijel Banek, Executive Director Central Purchasing with multinational Atlantic Grupa, is very pleased with the efforts of Teamplast. “Teamplast has successfully converted our concept into a concrete, workable piece of packaging.” When unscrewed, the cap empties the container filled with Cedevita vitamin powder into the bottle of spring water, instantly turning it into a healthy and refreshing vitamin drink.

Mutual understanding

“The Teamplast staff is constantly bringing in new ideas to improve other packaging. In fact, they are a great source of new concepts for the packaging of our other products, such as cosmetics and confectionery. It’s a pleasure working with them. Despite the geographical distance between us, there is tremendous mutual understanding.”