A E Adams

Redesigning air freshener concepts

A E Adams is a major UK Contract Manufacturer & Filler, based in the South East,  established over 45 years ago.  Chris Jones, responsible for technical sales at A E Adams:  “We are technically well equipped, we have significant process & packaging experience, but with a fresh set of eyes the Teamplast designers suggested redesigning our air freshener concepts and changing the device from two pieces to a single hinged component.”

Both ecological and financial benefits

The benefits of the new packaging are significant and cover various topics, ecological as well as  financial effects:
•    Shipping volumes of mouldings to the facility decreased by 56%.
•    Component weight reduced by >10%
•    A better production rate as the stacked components almost eliminate component distortion
•    The new packaging enables automated feed and reduces labour costs on the filling line

Share ideas

Chris Jones: “When we visited the Teamplast plant in Holland we were very impressed by the working ethos of the business, their enthusiasm and willingness to share ideas and the opportunities for employment provided to people with disabilities.”