Inproba soy sauce – Design and ease of use

Powerful in functionality and design

Strikingly easy to use and stylish design. These were Inproba’s requirements for the packaging of their renewed soy sauce with 100% natural ingredients. The 150 ml bottle deserves a prominent place on each well-laid European table with sushi, meat and fish dishes, and stir-fries. The carafe-shaped bottle, with perfectly fitted sleeve, stands out on supermarket shelves across Europe.

Technical development as well as production

Teamplast was responsible for the design and production of the functional spout with two openings. One opening will suck in air, while the other one is used for pouring. Holding your finger on the air opening will allow the user to dispense the sauce drop by drop. The closure has relatively few parts, which provides clear benefits in production.

Teamwork with Teamplast

During the development and today while the Inproba packaging is being produced Teamplast has teamed up with the supplier of the carafe-shaped bottle and the manufacturer of the sleeve, which gives the 150 ml bottle its stylish appearance. Johan van Vulpen, purchaser of packaging at Inproba, is positive about the partnership between his suppliers. ‘It may sound logical, but it is, in fact, quite rare that suppliers operate as a chain. Inproba can count on the teamwork of specialists, who have demonstrated joint responsibility for the success at the end of the filling line.’