Unique dispensing closure with fluid or powder in the cap

A unique dispensing closure for on-the-go products. That is the result of combining design skills, knowledge of dispensing techniques and production capacity. The unique design by Mike Burgess was ready. Together with Axel Hauck, his co-owner of INCAP International, Mike came into contact with Teamplast.

Engineering and production

With our experience in assembly and sealing for composite packaging and closures, we took over the fine tuning of the engineering for the closure and set up our production lines. Together with INCAP International, we now market this unique dispensing closure in the international market for vitamin, fruit and sports drinks. But other applications are also possible. The basic product - powder or fluid - is kept airtight and moisture-free in a dosing cap until it is mixed with the liquid in the bottle underneath.

Dosing convenience, branding en fun

The dispensing closure is extremely convenient. The closure is easy to open and both adults and children enjoy seeing the powder drop into the (mineral) water. The INCAP has proved to be a powerful branding tool. Bottles with the special dispensing closure, produced in every possible colour, stand out on the shelves. The INCAP fits every bottle with a 28 mm neck.

Healthy solution

Many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can lose their effect after prolonged contact with water. The INCAP makes it possible to mix the nutrients only at the moment of consumption. This also makes extra additives for a longer shelf-life unnecessary.