Worldwide distributors of sanitation products

Elsan sells their toilet sanitation products throughout the world to both consumers - for caravans, camping and boats - as well as to commercial airlines and coach companies. Steve Camp. Works Director: “In this line of business a secure, good protective packaging is vital”

Designed with both tamper evidence and child resistance

Steve Camp “We needed a closure with tamper evidence as well as child resistance for our Elsan Blue brand of toilet fluid, which is used in all makes of chemical toilets and cassettes. Teamplast therefore developed a custom moulded bottle and closure for us. The container neck and closure were designed together as mutually compatible, engineered to prevent any leaking under all the logistical and consumer usage situations.”

Production of closures and bottles

Steve Camp: “After auditing the Teamplast production site in The Netherlands, we were happy to accept them as the best company to produce our closures. I felt confident because of the high quality of their operation and production site. The bottles, which also come from a specialised bottle blow moulding company, are ordered, called off and supplied with the equal amount of caps.”