Cubic dispenser for Ti’1- Winner Starpack Award Bronze 2014

Innovative 1-calorie cube

The most logical packaging for a standard sweetener is a standard dispenser. However, the Belgian sugar manufacturer Tiense Suiker does not produce standard sweeteners. Ti’1 tastes almost exactly like real sugar and does not have the bitter aftertaste of traditional sweeteners. And it only provides one calorie per cube. Tiense started to look for an innovative and convenient cubic dispenser and ended up at Teamplast.

The interior of the dispenser

To guide an angular product smoothly through a dispenser requires some serious puzzling. And this is what our R&D team did. And successfully so! They came up with and developed a device that dispenses a single 1-calorie cube at each click smoothly and easily.  The interior of the patented dispenser looks like an asymmetrical Jacob’s ladder a type of bucket elevator. In combination with a clever push mechanism, a dispenser was developed that produced the desired ‘one cube per click’.

In addition to the production, Teamplast also looks after the assembly of the dispenser.