Case Dreidoppel

Variations on the same closure

Dreidoppel Germany is known for over a century for their quality product  for bakeries, confectioners and iceproduction companies throughout the world. A customer survey showed that the standard closure of their packaging for ice decorating products – Pastarom – could do better in terms of usability. A mutual  relation of our companies introduced us at Dreidoppel. In the first round of contacts Dreidoppel challenged us to develop a mould  with loose parts, that made it possible to easily produce variations on the same closure.

Advantages for customer and production

Ralf Blechert, head of production planning and supply at Dreidoppel. “Teamplast developed a new pyramid nozzle in different variations, with which our product can be dosed userfriendly. Moreover this new cap made it easier to standardize more in our production, which made it more efficient and faster.”