A prize-winning design

UK Starpack Award

In 2012, Teamplast received the UK Starpack award of excellence for the Bark dispensing system, designed in collaboration with client Bark Innovations. When held upside down, the dispensing chamber is filled up. Thanks to a special mechanism in the bottom of the dispensing chamber, this precisely determined dose is isolated from the contents of the bottle and can then be poured. Ecostyle, the sustainable garden-product label, packages its products using this award-winning Bark system.

Exact dosing, no waste

The Bark dispensing chamber offers new possibilities to present your products in concentrated form and combat waste. The product is dosed accurately, to within a millilitre, after which the concentrate can be mixed with a liquid, for example water. An added advantage is the reduced packaging material thanks to the concentrated form of the product. This will result in reduced waste and costs.