Health Care

Less investment, more branding

Because of the narrow profit margins, health-care products such as vitamins and creams are often provided with a modest, standard packaging. Thanks to our made-to-measure basics Teamplast will give your product a striking appearance against a very modest investment.

Child-safe closure and tamper evidence

Naturally, we will provide packaging with a seal, a child-safe closure, or tamper evidence (first use guarantee), as desired.

Production in protective atmosphere

Like the food market, the health-care market also requires a controlled production environment. Our production facilities contain a room where packaging and closures are produced in a protective atmosphere.

Migration and traceability

The raw materials we use for our packaging, dosing systems and closures are tested for migration according to the directives of the European Union. These directives apply to materials and objects made of plastic that are used for food products. Our packaging products are always traceable by means of our registered production batches.