Cosmetics & Personal Care

Functionality and good looks

Teamplast designs and produces packaging for major cosmetics and personal-care brands. In these markets, appearance and attractiveness play an important part. Hip, luxurious or stylish - it is quite an art to link the desired look to an extremely functional design. The success of the packaging is after all determined by a combination of design and ease of use.

Handled and transported with care

Handle with care. This certainly applies to our packaging in personal care and cosmetics. We set high quality standards for packaging and also the transport of our packaging. And if you want your packaging delivered in a specific way, this will almost always be possible.

Migration and traceability

The raw materials we use for our packaging, dosing systems and closures are tested for migration according to the directives of the European Union. These directives apply to materials and objects made of plastic that are used for food products. Our packaging products are always traceable by means of our registered production batches.