Chemicals, Household & Gardening

Safe packaging

Teamplast designs and produces packaging for chemical and household products. These include adhesives, cleaning agents, gardening products such as fertilisers, and many others. Packaging for chemicals, cleaning agents and gardening products are tested for cold and heat resistance in our climate cabinet.

Dispensing and mixing systems

For this market we are increasingly asked to design and produce dosing systems whereby components can be mixed at the exact moment required by the consumer or in cases where equal amounts of product are to be poured or sprinkled. In such cases, functional design involves the protection of consumers against contact with the product, preventing them from getting their hands dirty, or to avoid waste by dosing in exact quantities.

Stability of the packaging

We provide our designs with great stability. If you desire, we can have this stability UN tested. Of course, we will provide the product, where necessary, with a child-safe closure and/or tamper evidence (first use guarantee).

Migration and traceability

The raw materials we use for our packaging, dosing systems and closures are tested for migration according to the directives of the European Union. These directives apply to materials and objects made of plastic that are used for food products. Our packaging products are always traceable by means of our registered production batches.