Production technologies

Injection-moulding specialist

In Heteren, the Netherlands, Teamplast has a team of dedicated employees and extensive production facilities that meet all modern requirements. We make use of practically all injection-moulding techniques and we are constantly on the lookout for new developments. Naturally, we save energy and recycle where we can.

Hypermoulding production technology

To invest in production methods is to invest in the future. In 2008, Teamplast developed an idea from the trade association and put it into practice. Using this hypermoulding production technology, injection-moulding products were cooled down more efficiently, which proved advantageous in terms of quality and production speed. We are now applying this advanced technology wherever we can.


Most Teamplast closures, lids and caps are assembled products; products that comprise several parts and therefore require extra handling. These assembly activities are also carried out in our plant.

Production according to ISO 22000

Teamplast produces its packaging and closures according to daily inspections in conformity with the ISO 22000 guidelines for food safety in production. We also have a room where production can take place in a protective atmosphere. Every year, the certifying body Lloyd's assesses our production facilities.

Migration and traceability

The raw materials we use for our packaging, dosing systems and closures are tested for migration according to the directives of the European Union. These directives apply to materials and objects made of plastic that are used for food products. Our packaging products are always traceable by means of our registered production batches.