Unique approach

From sketch to filling line - we'll take care of it

Teamplast thinks in terms of chain solutions. We will take care of your packaging from the design and engineering stages, through production, right up to the filling line. After all, the design of a pack affects the whole process and we have the expertise to match. Our network and knowledge of the possibilities guarantee optimum support.

The design

The success of your packaging is determined by the combination of design, functionality and ease of use. Our designers and engineers closely collaborate with all the stakeholders in your organisation. During the design stage, we will also keep in mind hygiene factors, stackability, volume, and the consequences for your filling line and logistics.

Our step-by-step plan

Teamplast will set to work according to a step-by-step plan with clearly described phases. This gives you and us a clear overview of the process and the costs involved. After every phase, we will determine whether any modification needs to be made before we continue. Parallel to our process of design, engineering and prototyping, there is the process at the customer, involving research, marketing and production. We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience during all these processes. Together, we will work throughout the time to market period, constructively and transparently.