Three entrepreneurs

In 1995, Teamplast was set up in Heteren, the Netherlands, for the injection moulding of packaging and closures. Founding partners were Gerard van Amerongen, Gerhard Koning and Dennis Teunissen. Each one brought in his own expertise regarding technology & design, finance and commerce. 

Made-to-measure packaging

During the startup phase, Teamplast produced to order. At the time, the designs were provided by the customers. Soon, however, the company developed into a real custom moulder. Teamplast was innovative in the trade by bringing design, engineering and production together under the one roof. Made-to-measure packaging and looking after the whole process, from design right up to the filling line; it was Teamplast's company philosophy right from the start. And it still is, today.

Awards and memorable moments 

2014      UK Starpack Award for Tiense Dispenser
2014      Cooperation with Siza to offer people with disabilities work in the

                  new assembly area.
2014      Expansion of production and assembly area to 7,000 m2 for
                  manual, semi and fully machined assembly.
2013      Expansion Teamplast with 500m2 mechanically assembly

2012      Packaging Innovations Award Amsterdam for Bark dispensing
2012      UK Packaging Award in the Category  'International Sourcing

                  Award'  2012 for Bark dispensing system
2012      UK Starpack Award of Excellence for Bark dispensing system
2011      Introduction new Teamplast logo and payoff Opening Solutions
2009      UK Starpack Award for Cedevita dispensing cap
2008      ISO 22000 certificate for food safety in production

2008      Development and application Hypermoulding Production
2007      Reception United Smile Companies Award, an award for CSR

2007      Initiative for the foundation of trade association DPA: Dutch
                  Packaging Association
2006      SIZA (then Sara) employees are coming to reinforce our

2006      New Teamplast subsidiary in the United Kingdom
2005      Another doubling of company premises

2004      Bronzen Noot prize for Diamant funnel packaging
2003      UK Starpack Award for Malteser chocolate

2002      Bronzen Noot prize for Silvo's Spicebox
1997      Doubling of company premises

1996      Nominated Starter's Prize for the Province of Gelderland
1995      Start Teamplast in Heteren