Product in the cap: convenient and fun

Demand for ready-to-go products is growing in the food, sports drinks and vitamin market. With its patented dispensing systems, Teamplast is an important player in this market The dispensing cap opens with one simple push or twist, so that powder, tablets or liquid are released into the (mineral) water. A quick shake, and the fresh drink is ready for use. Ideal for travelling and in a busy life. And both children and adults enjoy mixing the drink.

Benefits of self-mixing

Mixing mineral water with vitamins, diet shakes or sports nutrients at the moment of consumption guarantees a fresh drink and a long shelf life. This does away with the need for extra additives to prolong the shelf life of your product.

Variation in caps, content and packaging

Teamplast makes its dispensing concepts applicable for every combination of powder, tablets and liquids. And with the help of our marketing-design team, each product is provided with packaging that matches the image of your brand.