Teamplast has restyled Keune’s Care line.

The Keune Care line, comprising care products for all hair types, had already known many years of success.

It was high time for a makeover.

To design the new packaging, Teamplast looked to Jan Keune, founder of the company, who had been running his pharmacy in Amsterdam from the early nineteen twenties.

The traditional apothecary’s bottle inspired Teamplast to liven up the renewed product range - now called Care. Teamplast were asked to create two bottle sizes and two pot sizes with a sleek, yet luxurious feel to it. With a design based on the apothecary’s bottle.

They presented a few alternatives and the version that is now being launched was eventually chosen. Teamplast is responsible for the production of the injection-moulded closures and pots, comprising multiple parts.  For the production of extrusion-blown bottles, a perfect partner was found within the DPA: Flestic.

Together, they realised the completely restyled Keune Care line.