Teamplast has intensified collaboration with Wageningen UR

Research into biobased alternatives for polypropylene

Biobased packaging is made of renewable raw materials, such as sugar cane, starch, and cellulose. A popular petrochemical plastic used for closures is polypropylene (PP). And possibly, this raw material is hardest to replace by a biobased alternative. The major challenges are the required toughness and flexibility in combination with the product’s transparency. Wageningen UR, Food & Biobased Research is performing large-scale research into biobased alternatives to PP and Teamplast is contributing to this project by offering its production facilities and knowhow.

Injection moulding applications

In this project, the latest additives for film and foil applications are combined with bio plastics, resulting in improved processing features regarding injection moulding. The outcome is a new class of tough, transparent biobased material with excellent pourability qualities, allowing for the production of closures with film hinges, for example.

More information on the site of Wageningen UR: