Substantial expansion assembly rooms

Injection moulding and assembly for all batch sizes

Thanks to the expansions realised last year, Teamplast now has everything in house for injection moulding and the assembly of closures and packaging. In addition to injection-moulding techniques, we take care of the assembly for any batch size, from small to large; manually or automated, and around the clock, if necessary.
- manual assembly
- semi-automated assembly
- fully automated assembly (around the clock)

Fifteen enthusiastic assembly workers

In our assembly rooms, we employ people with a challenge, many of whom have been with us for eight years. They look after the products that require manual or semi-automated assembly. They do this with great enthusiasm and involvement, and according to ISO 22000 regulations.

High production capacity and quality

With the expansion of our assembly facilities, we have increased our production capacity and raised the quality of assembly - for example for the application of seals, assembly of cosmetics jars and other assembled products. Hinged closures are assembled fully automatically. Assembled packaging also benefits from these developments, as these products can now be assembled more efficiently. This investment in our assembly facilities combines our specialised knowledge of injection moulding with logistically efficient assembly technology.