Compose your own packaging using the Mix & Match concept

It is now possible to create a standard packaging with its own look, at comparatively low investment costs. Together with DPA partner PET Power, Teamplast has developed the Mix & Match concept for standard 70SP400 and 89SP400 neck finishes of Pet Power. The unique aspect of this innovative concept is that you can apply your own ‘look & feel’ to a standard closure. In principle, you can give your imagination free rein. There are many options regarding shape and colour.

Variations in shape and colour

To inspire you, we have produced a number of options for the Mix & Match concept. For example, the 89SP400 closure now also has a higher version, a dome version, a version with a matt, recessed label surface, and one with a glossy, embossed label surface. Furthermore, we have provided a 70SP400 closure with a logo. All these versions have been produced in different colours. Therefore, these variations can be combined with each other and according to your own wishes.

More information?

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