Efficiency and quick switching

Food products have an increasingly short Product Life Cycle (PLC). Also, the time to market is reduced all the time. Teamplast anticipates these developments efficiently and expediently. Because we have our own design department and production capacity, we are able to switch quickly when needed. Our specialists will get together with your stakeholders to discuss requirements, wishes and functionalities in order to create the best possible packaging and anticipate the consequences for your filling line and logistics.

Functional packaging

Teamplast will design and develop functional packaging that are geared to the application and the consumer. Our closures will protect your product and yet they are opened or removed in a very simple and user-friendly way. And our unique dosing systems and pouring solutions are perfect examples of functional design.

Production according to ISO 22000

Teamplast produces its packaging and closures according to daily inspections in conformity with the ISO 22000 guidelines for food safety in production. Every year, the certifying body Lloyd's assesses our production facilities. We have a room where production can take place in a protective atmosphere.

Migration and traceability

The raw materials we use for our packaging, dosing systems and closures are tested for migration according to the directives of the European Union. These directives apply to materials and objects made of plastic that are used for food products. Our packaging products are always traceable by means of our registered production batches.